I want to make a Liar entry, how long will it take to be able to see it?

When a Liar entry is successfully submitted it is viewable and searchable within seconds.

I've made a horrible mistake, how do I remove my Liar entry?

Email removal@liarlist.com with the first and last name of the liar and your first and last name. Within 2-4 days you should receive an email with your secret question that you created during the Liar entry process. Reply back with your secret answer and a confirmation that you want your Liar entry removed. Once we receive your secret answer and confirmation we will remove the entry from our system. Generally it takes about a week for the entire process, depending on your response time. Be sure to check your junk folder and spam filter settings for the email from liarlist.com

I want to make changes to my Liar entry, how do I do that?

Currently there is no process in place to make edits to a Liar entry. If enough people request that capability then we will address that need.

There is a Liar entry about me and it is bogus/only partially true/etc, I want it changed or taken down. How do I do that?

Each liar entry from the person who submitted it, it is their story and Liar List will not amend it.

If I can't get an entry about myself removed, can I at least respond?

Absolutely. In the future there will be an automated system for this but currently we are doing it the old fashioned way. Email rebuttal@liarlist.com with your first and last name as well as the city and state listed in the entry. Within 2-4 days you should receive an email asking you for the last name of the person who submitted the entry. Reply back with that information and the rebuttal you would like included on the Liar entry. Once we receive your response the rebuttal you included in your email will be put at the bottom of the Liar entry. There is no charge for this process.

Is there a way I can let someone know about a Liar entry?

Another version of this question is: I want to tell the person they cheated on me with that they are a Liar. Understanding that desire, we are working on an automated email service that will allow you to select basic information and send a 'Someone you know is on LiarList' email from an offical Liar List email address. Be patient, we expect this to be available by mid to late June of this year (2017). When it is ready we will announce it on our FaceBook page.

Is there a mobile app for Liar List?

This is also in the works and should be available for release by mid to late July of ths year (2017). When it is ready we will announce it on our FaceBook page.

I love your memes, can I use them?

Absolutely, they are available on liarlist.com and on our FaceBook page.

I have created my own Liar memes, will you include them?

Generally yes, there are two ways to get them to us. You can email them to meme@liarlist.com or post them to our FaceBook page.

There is something wrong with the website, how do I let you know?

If you find a section of the website that isn't working correctly please email webmaster@liarlist.com with a description of the problem and any screenshot you have. Thank you in advance.

I have a question that you haven't address here, what now?

Email question@liarlist.com and we will do our best to respond to you within 2-4 days. If enough people ask a similiar question we will update this page with that question and answer.